KOHL Eyeliner Pencil Intense Black & Sharpener

KOHL Eyeliner Pencil Intense Black & Sharpener

৳ 320.00

Nirvana Color features this Intense Black KOHL EYELINER PENCIL for your eyes. Line your eyes with this kohl pencil to get a dramatic look. This richly intense kohl pencil glides effortlessly and gives your eyes a stunning definition. It comes with a sharpener.

Smudge Proof

How to apply:
With the kohl eyeliner pencil, draw a precise line along the upper lash line with feathery strokes. Apply to the waterline to add drama to the look. Sharpen the kohl eyeliner pencil once a week to get rid of surface dirt or bacteria and keep the point sharp.


Do tight line your upper lash line.
Do smudge your line to soften the look.
Don’t pull your skin tight to draw a line.
Don’t apply your kohl liner immediately after applying moisturizer.

Why choose Nirvana Color INTENSE BLACK KOHL PENCIL?

Smudge Proof

Store it in a cool and dry place.

For external use only. Stop using it if you feel any kind of irritation. Remove your eyeliner before going to bed.



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